Thursday, July 31, 2014

July 31, 2014

Untiled I

My skin twinkles beneath your soft touchBut it illuminates under a firm handI'm brimming with wonder When your fingers trace gently The parts of me; I had dismissed their existenceBecause closed spaces between two person's skins with anybody else meant nothingI saw the contactBut it never penetratedNever went beneath the surface of my skinWith you that was differentYour hands  left marks on my skinAnd it always reminds me of youWhile you're awayI cherish your handprints on my busomThe soreness between my thighsThe etchesThe indents in me
Until you say somethingAnd it breaks me It breaks my heartYou've done this so many timesAnd each time you doI want to forget youBut I can't escape youBecause you're all over my skinAnd inside of me

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