Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 9, 2014

"All Monsters Are Human"

There is a monster
Living inside of me
It feeds ferociously on zeal, inclination
Emotional novelties which I have been without
For too long
When such components
Flood through me
The entity becomes stronger
Outrages in periods of time
Than ever before those moments
In which it revels
It is not burdensome
To remain emotionally neutral
In cognizant sentience
Knowledge enticed
Of what dwells inside
It is simpler
Not to feed it
And yet
Tormenting spasms
Like lacerations
Induce the unbearable
Sensations which
I can no longer bear
Consequences bared in mind
I nourish the beast
Once again it does feast
On my relief
I have sought out
Soon after
The relief has disappeared
It again wants to kill
It again wants to ravage
To ransack
To wreak havoc
I am the monster
I want to kill
To Ravage
To ransack
To wreack havoc
I am the entity
I am the beast
I am the monster.

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